Bright Girl Hydrating Toner


Bright Tone Hydrating Toner is a pH-balanced toner (pH= 5-6.2) helps remove additional residue after cleansing skin. The anti-inflammatory and hydrating ingredients settle skin and prepare it to better absorb and maximize the benefit of a moisturizer.


  • Chamomile – A well-established anti-inflammatory ingredient that supports skin.
  • Aloe – This ingredient calms and strengthens the skin by settling inflammation.
  • Marshmallow Root – Healing and soothing, marshmallow root is recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties. It also contains ceramide precursors which strengthen the stratum corneum of the skin.
  • Witch Hazel – Derived from the Witch Hazel shrub, this ingredient is used as a mild astringent and skin conditioning agent.


After cleansing, dispense a few pumps of toner onto a cotton ball and apply to entire face, avoiding eye area. For best results, use daily and follow with Day + Bright 24-Hour Facial Moisturizer.

5 FL OZ (150 ML)


Young Skincare Routine 

$24.00 USD

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Soothing with a Pleasant Aroma

I have struggled with toners over the years because sone of them leave my skin feeling so dry and tight, but this one does not and that’s why I love it! I also feel my tinted moisturizer goes on smoother and looks better after using the Bright Girl Toner. An added bonus is that it smells great! It isn’t overpowering and has enough of a scent to feel fresh! Oh! And the bottle is awesome! You don’t have to open it up and flip it up-side down; you just place a cotton ball on top and push down and the toner comes out! So cool!