Jan Marini Skin Research Age Intervention® Duality™ MD


Age Intervention® Duality™ MD combines retinol, benzoyl peroxide 10%, green tea extract, peptides, and antioxidants to address both acne and aging skin at the same time. A NewBeauty Magazine Beauty Choice Award winner.

Independent Study Results:

A 3-month independent physician study using the Skin Care Management System™ and Duality MD™ on 21 subjects ages 20-29. Conducted by Jaggi Rao, MD Board Certified Dermatologist, FRCPC, Professor of Medicine, University of Alberta.

Subject Assessment Results:

  • 100% of subjects experienced a reduction in acne lesion counts.
  • Improvement was statistically significant by week 4 and continued to improve through completion.
  • 64% average lesion count reduction (range 36% to 78%).
  • 100% of subjects experienced significant improvement in skin quality by blinded photographic review.
  • High subject satisfaction with no reported irritation or excessive drying.

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