by Kari Hegg, PA-C

We asked our clinicians what skincare products they recommend to their patients for daily use. Board-certified Physician Assistant, Kari Hegg, teaches a strong foundation for skin care by telling her patients to “remember the ABCs of daily skin care” because after cleansing, by adding retinol, moisturizer and vitamin C, you have three additional keys to success. She also told us how she provides an extra layer of hydration for fall and winter months.

STEP A – Daily retinol

For anyone new to retinols, I recommend starting with a low dose of a retinoid like Adapalene 0.1% or 0.3% formula in the evening.  We encourage our patients to slowly get used to the retinoid and use it daily. I also recommend cleansing twice a day with the appropriate cleanser.  Once you get used to using a retinol, you can increase to a higher concentration product.

Fave retinol: SkinCeuticals Retinol 0.3 Pinnacle Dermatology Advanced Retinol Serum 3x.

Fave cleansers:      Choose a hydrating cleanser or try Aquanil Cleanser  because it is affordable, and shipping on our website is FREE every day.

STEP B- Moisturizer

In the morning, I always recommend a moisturizer with SPF.  I also love tinted moisturizers if you have pigmentation issues. Moisturizers to try:   Revision Tinted Intellishade SPF 45, or M.A.D Skincare Delicate Daily Moisturizer.

STEP C- Vitamin C

A great vitamin C serum is important to have because it has antioxidants to protect your skin in the morning and throughout the day.  It's like a glass of OJ for your skin!

Vitamin C to try: SkinCeuticals CE Feurelic, Revision C+ Correcting Complex, or Vivier C E Peptides.

Add extra moisturizer in fall and winter months

Never forget that daily protection SPF in your moisturizer in the morning! Also, every few months (especially in the winter), you can add in a hydrating facial or skin mask to get the moisture back in your skin.

I love SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Repair moisturizer for bedtime to lock in that moisture while you sleep. It’s especially great during dry winter months. You wake up with beautiful feeling skin!

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